What We Produce

We produce a range of nutrient dense farm produce from pastured eggs, grass fed and finished Brangus beef and sauerkraut fed pastured pork, to seasonal pasture cropped cereals and grains, Mareema guardian dogs, and lots of smiles!


Pastured Eggs

Our 3000 hens are free to express their 'inner chookiness' by roaming around the great outdoors, all day, every day. Stocked at 500 hens to the hectare they are grouped in small, age specific flocks and are supplemented with certified organic grain to balance their diet. With no antibiotics, no chemicals and no hormones, these eggs are nutrient dense and full of flavour, in fact, we’re often told our eggs “taste like eggs used to taste”.


Bushranger Pork

Our Bushranger Pork is pasture raised and rotationally grazed in our native forest country. We feed our stock supplementary chemical-free grains and utilise Sauerkraut produce from our friends at Gutsy Ferments, which adds to our unique and high quality pork, cured ham and bacon.


At Echo Valley Farm, we produce slow grown 100% grass fed and finished purebred Brangus beef. Our cattle are not fed grain, given growth hormones or antibiotics. Instead they are fed on chemical-free pastures and cropped winter forage that is seasonally planted into the existing living pasture, resulting in highly nutritionally dense flavoursome beef.

Seasonally available

In addition to our eggs, beef and pork, we also offer a range of seasonally available items and animals for you to welcome into your life and home.



We are committed to ensuring all our retired laying hens, Bond Blacks and Bond Browns, are rehomed as a way of thanking them for their hard work in regenerating our landscape and laying such beautiful and nutritious eggs. Aged between 12 and 18 months, they are the ideal backyard layers/kitchen scrap recyclers and companions and are available all year round for just $5 per hen.

Maremma Dogs

Every 12 to 18 months, we breed our much-loved Maremma guardian dogs and offer the purebred pups as fully imprinted guardians for poultry and other livestock.

We love our dogs and couldn't do what we do without them.



As part of our farm management and soil improvement program we utilise a ‘no till, no kill’ diverse cropping program which direct plants cereals, legumes, grains and pulses into existing living pasture. From this, we are then able to harvest chemical-free, organically grown cereals and grains and we seasonally harvest wheat, oats, barley and sorghum. We currently use these grains on the farm, but hope to make them available as flours and for other applications in the future.


    Buying locally grown produce from Echo Valley Farm means you can:

    • enjoy the health benefits of grass fed beef and pastured pork (less cholesterol, better fats, more antioxidants vitamins, more heart-healthy omega-3's and conjugated linoleic acid).
    • have peace of mind and satisfaction knowing your meat is from animals that were valued, respected and treated with low stress handling techniques.
    • buy local which means less food miles, supporting local and Australian farming industry and improving your local economy.
    • support environmentally sustainable and regenerative farming practices where the land is being improved rather than depleted.

    Pastured eggs

    • 500g pullet eggs–jam packed with nutrition, these are a hen’s first eggs. They may be small, but they’re mighty. Price: $6.00/Doz
    • 600g large eggs–these are the size called for in most recipes. Price: $7.50/Doz
    • 700g XL–the hens lay this size for most of their laying period. Price: $8.00/Doz
    • 800g Jumbo–these are the big ones and chance s are you'll get a double yoker in this dozen. Price: $8.50/Doz
    • A mixed sized tray of 30 eggs. Price: $18.00

    If you are chasing larger quantities of our farm fresh free-range eggs, we also sell catering packs (180 eggs) for each size. Please contact us for pricing.

        Bush Ranger Pork

        Cured Pork

        • Traditionally wood smoked bacon. Price: $24.00/kg
        • Ham sliced, shoulder or on the bone. Price: $26.00/kg
        • 5kg cured pork taster pack (bacon, ham, bacon bones, ham hock, diced bacon) Price: $95.00

        Fresh Pork

        • 25kg including 1/2 a side mix or cuts, chops, roasts, sausages etc. Price: $450.00
        • 10kg mixed box. Price: $190.00
        • 5kg taster pack with a mix of cuts. Price: $100.00

        100% grass fed and finished Brangus Beef

        • Quarter pack of beef, 40-80kgs. Price: $16.50/kg
        • 20kg mixed box. Price: $340.00
        • 10kg mixed box. Price: $175.00
        • 5kg taster pack. Price: $90.00



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